Russian Bake Sale

I was fortunate that, during a particularly long day, the Russian club’s bake sale met my desperate need for a sugar boost. They had all sorts of tarts and sweets, but what particularly caught my eye were the rose-shaped apple tarts, inspired by Russian apple taschen. I pointed out to the student behind the counter that taschen was used to describe a similar desert in German, and asked if he knew whether the word made it into German from the Russian or vice versa. Neither of us were sure, nor could we find German or Russian etymology resources in English. Regardless, this query led us to a very interesting discussion regarding cognates and loanwords, and the difficulty they cause for language learners. Unfortunately, it had to be cut short by my need to get to class, but I left the conversation happy and with sticky fingers, thanks to the honey coated rose tarts. They were delicious, but I ate them before I remembered to take a picture. The above picture, as a result, is from the glorious troves of the internet.

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