I was waiting for a friend to pick me up for dinner when I heard the first news of the Paris attacks on NPR. I immediately went to other news sites to try to wrap my head around what happened and find out what we knew so far. As soon as I began gathering information I knew it was going to be non-stop news for a while. It hit me pretty quickly that this would be on the same scale as 9/11 for France. When my friend arrived, before we went to dinner, we sat and discussed it for a bit. She does not have the same obsessive tendencies that I do, when it comes to following the daily news cycle, and she brushed it off as just another shooting, just another terrorist attack, it being only weeks after the Russian plane came down in Egypt. But as a explained the details to her, she, too, realized what a big deal the attacks would prove to be. They added fuel to the fire of xenophobia and islamophobia, changing political discourse worldwide. I will discuss a particular part of this discourse in my next post.

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