Dump the Trump

Donald Trump has baffled all political analysts by making it this far in the race and maintaining his lead. They have, for the most part, come to the conclusion that Trump is running a campaign driven by fear. He has latched on to the country’s rampant xenophobia and islamophobia, especially in the wake of the Paris attacks. Some might say this makes him a good businessman, he knows what will sell, and fear always will. Most will say this will make him a terrible president. If he was selling fire proof clothing, Trump would most likely not be opposed to yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater. He has called for measures like registering the country’s muslims in a database, and building a giant wall. As someone who has spent an extended amount of time studying Hitler’s rise to power in a economically and nationally devastated Germany, from both external and internal perspectives, I am scared. Trump is not the powerful speaker that Hitler was, but his ideas are conveyed well enough to get him where he is today. The difference, however, is that Hitler believed that what he was promising,  while Trump only seems to care that his promises will bring him votes. I dearly hope that we never get to find out what Trump really believes in.

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